Sound Insulation Testing

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We provide sound insulation testing and consultancy advice on new and existing buildings. We accurately measure airborne and impact noise transfer between dwellings such as apartments, terraced houses and semi-detached housing. All tests will are carried out following guidance in the 2014 Irish Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document E (TGD-E).

As full members of the Institute of Acoustics (IoA) and the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI), combined with extensive acoustic consultancy experience, we are well-positioned to provide competent and qualified technical advice on matters relating to building acoustics.

The field of building acoustics consists of two disciplines:

  1. Room acoustics – sound generation within a room;
  2. Building acoustics – sound insulation between rooms.

Services offered:

  • Sound Insulation Testing for Apartment buildings and residential semi-detached and terraced housing;
  • Design advise to assist with compliance with Technical Guidance Document-E on sound;
  • Airborne tests between residential dwellings (floor and wall);
  • Impact floor tests between apartments (floor test);
  • Sound insulation tests for schools.
  • Office privacy tests, meeting rooms to private offices, office to office as well as private offices to open-plan spaces.
  • Acoustic modelling, design and specification in accordance with TGD-021-5 for Schools in Ireland.

Irish Sound Insulation testers are members of the AACI-Sound Insulation Testing Scheme.


Clients: JJ Rhatigan & Company, Laing O’Rourke, ┬áSisk Contractors, McNamara Construction, BAM Construction, P.Eillott, L&M Keating, Irish Court Services, AECOM, City and County Councils Nationwide (housing sections).

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