Site Test Requirements

Before a sound insulation test can be carried out, there are a number of requirements (our checklist):

  1. Pre-agreement of access to both properties (if the dwellings are occupied). This is not a requirement in new builds as part of the pre-completion tests where the dwellings are not yet occupied.
  2. Mains power should be available in both dwellings (220V, 50Hz AC, supplied via a 13amp UK socket).
  3. All doors, windows and wall vents should be fitted. Please note that these are pre-completion tests, where the building should be close to completion.
  4. Access to source and receiver rooms is essential throughout the tests.
  5. Non-permanent floor coverings should not be fitted, however permanent floor coverings (which are bonded with non-removal warning labels) should be in place to allow floor tapping tests to be carried out.
  6. There should be no construction noise at the time of measurement i.e. noise from tradesmen or external machines. Measurements outside construction hours can be provided on request.
  7. Where early fire detection sounders are used, batteries should be installed so that the units do not ‘chirp’ during sound insulation tests.
  8. Adequate site lighting should be in place if testing is to be carried out in the evening and night, outside normal construction hours.