Tester Competency

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Testing is carried out by formally qualified acoustic consultants. We are also full members of the Association of Acoustic Consultants of Ireland (AACI) and part of the AACI Sound Insulation Testing Scheme (SITS). Testing is carried out by qualified acoustic consultants that have formal training in acoustics to a standard which exceeds the requirements relating to tester competency in Ireland.

See our video below on the facts about sound insulation testing in Ireland.

The Irish Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document E 2014 guidance is very clear on the requirements in relation to tester competency. The requirements clearly state that it is essential that:

  • Persons are competent in the measurement of sound insulation in buildings.
  • Possess sufficient training, experience and knowledge appropriate to the nature of the work he or she is required to perform having particular regard to the size and the complexity of such works.

The guidance also suggests that tests are carried out by a person certified by an independent third party to carry out this work, which is believed to offer a way of ensuring that such certification can be relied upon.
The testers provided by www.soundinsulationtesting.ie meet the requirements clearly set out in TGD-E, 2014.